Sunday, August 10, 2008

This may well be the most important thing you read all year!

Do you know in what way anointed President Obama and Wannabe John McCain are the same? —

Answer: They are the same because they've BOTH smoked Marlboro cigarettes!

That means they BOTH deserve your vote equally!

That much is obvious...

Here is the deciding factor — John McCain smoked Marlboro LIGHTS! Yes! A fucking WIMP!

If you were undecided yesterday, NOW YOU KNOW WHO THE BEST MAN REALLY IS!

Vote Obama in November!

The choice is clear!

Should the leader of the Free World smoke a sissy light cigarette? McCain made his bed years ago —


Petra said...

Ok, aside from the fact that Henry plans on visiting soon and he better be fuckin' entertaining is all I got to say, but aside from that - no fuckin way would I ever vote for Obama. Sure, he may smoke Marlboro Reds, but that is only cuz he's not comfortable with himself like McCain. Now I myself smoked Marlboro Lights (back when I smoked... gawd would I love to have a cig again but I hope I never will) and McCain being MAN ENOUGH to do so CONFIDENTLY means he don't give a shit what you think. He's not trying to impress. He's sticking with what he likes and he's real... can Obama say that??? I think not. I think he says whatever he thinks you want to hear..... (I'm drinking again so if this sounds stupid, edit me, k?)

Relax Max said...

Petra? You make your husband use a rubber??? Are you shitting me? Or did I misunderstand what you were saying about being entertained by Henry the traveling condom?

Petra, usually I can mostly understand you even when you are wasted, but tonight is a little over the top. Christ, you don't have to vote at all, don't you get that? Fuck McCain. Fuck Obama. Hell, fuck Marlboro lights, I don't care. Take off the whole day in November and stay home and just DO IT all day long. That will be your vote, K?

I would kill for a cig right now too. Only mine was Marlboro Red. Real man I was. Coff Coff. You know what P? If the doctor told me tomorrow that I only had 6 months to live, you know what i would do? Start fucking smoking again, that's what.

Now go lay down, K?

PS- That better have been you that just voted yes for eating pussy.

Petra said...

All I got to say is "Ditto that!" I can guaran-damn-T that if the doc said I had 6 months to live, my first stop would be the gas station for cigarettes. Only it would be ML and not MR.... those are brutal and hurt my throat.

And not deep throat you f'n perv!

Petra said...

oh, and I plead the 5th

Richard Catto said...

I smoke Marlboro Menthol (regular not light).

What does that qualify me for?

Lung cancer and a kick in the pants, I expect.

Anyone who doesn't wanna vote for Obama deserves to Die In A Fire!

If you poor bastards are hanging for a fag so badly, I say just go and fucking smoke a carton!

Jesus, fuck doctors. You might have less than 24 hours to live.

If you're not enjoying yourself today, you're not living.

Relax Max said...

Menthol??? Whoa. That's a whole different animal, Richard. I will have to think about that one. That puts you in a category all by yourself. You and a couple million residents of Compton, California. I am starting to look at you in a whole new light.

Just when I thought my respect for you couldn't get any lower. Pow. There it goes again. Dropping like a rock.

Why would you even smoke at all, then? (Smiley face here. I want to make sure the outside world respects America right down to the last possible moment before Obama bites it.)

But truly, I am enjoying myself today, even without smoking. Or drinking. Or being respected by France.

Aren't I? Am I just faking it?

Relax Max said...

Richard, I don't know why I talk to you like this. Actually I like you quite a lot. Your blog is only half bad as well. So please accept my close-to-sincere apology for being an asshole, ok? I've been working on it. I really have. That menthol shit just hit a nerve. Sorry, man.