Friday, August 29, 2008

Odds and ends

My favorite Google Adsense ad for today:

Traveling to Iraq soon?
Start planning your trip with! You'll find travel guides and reviews with real traveler tips and photos on hotels, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and things to do (or not do). You can even meet locals in Iraq and make friends with them before your trip!

Still thinking of a caption for the below pic. Possibilities so far:
1. Tourist photo op: Daily life in Pakistan.
2. Mathematically challenged.
3. "Move that one box a little bit more forward, Hammie."
4. Where the fuck's PETA when you really need them?


ettarose said...

I may not be the smartest or funniest, but by God I will be the first.Love the pics my dear. I would put a caption such as, "Down you stupid ass! Down!"

Relax Max said...

Really Ettarose? Perhaps that's why you work graveyard shift and aren't allowed around normal people. Ever think of that? :)

My latest caption is "Donkey Show".