Tuesday, August 5, 2008

C'mon C'mon, let's all get happy!

Would someone please tell these people they are about to get a promotion? This is not a sad thing, folks? C'mon! Let me see those pearly whites! Tickle tickle tickle!

Being leader of the Free World not doing if for you Barry? JUST WHAT THE FUCK WOULD CHEER YOU UP, THEN?!!!!????


Richard Catto said...

That's the expression most people wear when they see Hillary Clinton on stage, begging for handouts so she can pay back her campaign debts.

They're thinking, "Haven't we helped this poor whitey already? Maybe she should go stand at traffic lights with a cardboard sign already!"

Hillary's cardboard sign:

"Lost the White House. Lost respect. Lost my teef. Campaign debt is killing me. Please give generously!"

Why won't she just die now!? Someone needs to put that poor cracker down already!

Relax Max said...

"Put her down". I like that. Fits. Unfortunately she may get the last laugh as her followers vote for McCain. I hope not. We shall see how vindictive they feel.


Thanks for the visit, my friend.

Richard Catto said...

Hillary's followers are imbeciles.

Hillary is an imbecile.

They all hate Obama now with a passion, and not because he would make a bad president, but because he frustrated their selfish ambition to get that twisted cruel vicious rude selfish cow elected.

So now they'll go vote for McCain and put a moron in charge.

Oh yay, for another 4 - 8 years of Bush style government.

Relax Max said...

Well, I hope not. But I was just pointing that out. But at least McCain is really a democrat, so it wouldn't REALLY be another Bush, exactly. There are not Republicans running this time, so there's at least that. But McCain is not NEARLY the moron that Bush and his people are. So it wouldn't be QUITE as bleak, perhaps. At any rate, I will be voting for the Irishman (O'Bama) so we will see.

Anyway, it is more important to the outside world than it is to Americans. Federal presidents don't affect us as much as State government does, so we need to be selecting good governors. You may not have really thought about that. It is the STATE governments that have the real ability to fuck us over, not the federal government's policy with the outside world so much.

Thank you, Richard. You are, of course, right about Clinton.

Relax Max said...

I meant that McCain is a Democrat at heart, in philosophy, not that he was REALLY a registered Dem. He is sort of like "moderate" Democrats were 25 years or so ago, before the Dems got liberal/progressive by today's definition. McCain is hardly a Bush Boy - True conservatives hate his guts and many will not even bring themselves to vote for him. So they will sit at home on election day. Not enough to balance out Hillary's hoard of sour grape imbeciles, though, I don't think. It will be interesting at the wire, don't you think Richard?

Richard Catto said...

If Americans elect Obama, I think they will enjoy a new kind of respect worldwide.

If McCain wins, the world will hold 1 minute of silence for America and then try to pretend you don't exist for at least 4 years.

Relax Max said...

You are surely correct on that point. That has never been our goal, however. I don't think the outside world has ever truly understood that America doesn't really give that much of a shit what anybody out there thinks of us. We pretty much go our own way. You MUST have noticed that, no? It is sort of the American attitude and doesn't really have anything to do with which transient politician is in the White House. I mean, we CARE, sort of, but it is not really at the top of the list. Partying and getting all the toys one can is really the name of our game. And don't tell me SA isn't the same fucking way. (about everyone looking out for himself and getting all he can.) You seem pretty honest, Richard. Don't wax hypocritical on me now. I mean, do you REALLY give a shit what the rest of the world thinks of your country? On more than a theoretical and superficial level? Be honest...

Relax Max said...

I want Obama to win because I think he would do good things for regular Americans who have been long ignored, not because I give a rat's ass what France or Italy think of us or that they might begin to love us again. Fuck 'em.

Let's lighten up. Party time, R!

Richard Catto said...

I'm pretty sure that many South Africans hold a defiant, don't give a shit what anyone else thinks attitude, but sometimes all that bonhomie can really back fire on you.

Take PW Botha, for instance. In 1985, when I was 17, he stood up, wagged his finger and told the world to go and fuck itself.

The world responded by saying, "No, FUCK YOU!" and pulled the economic rug out from under South Africa.

A few years down the line, Botha's own party evicted his ass from the Prime Minister's chair and handed it over to FW de Klerk, the man who decided to get with the fucking program and end racial discrimination.

By 1990, Mandela was out and dancing a jig on the future grave of the National Party.

So, yeah, be careful when you say "Fuck you" to the world. Sometimes the world bites back.

And I am lightened up, Maxie. I'm chowing down on some really decent Chinese food, drinking all kinds of wonderful drinks and getting prepped to watch a couple of DVDs.

Relax Max said...

Of course you are right. I shouldn't have put it so bluntly. I merely meant that many Americans are not quite so concerned about what others in the world think of them than perhaps the world might think. It simply isn't the same situation that SA found itself in. I mean "economic rug"-wise. But world opinion is probably important to some. Thanks.