Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unemployment is Obama's top priority

1. Many of our soldiers were killed or wounded by roadside bombs.

2. Iran supplies electrical parts for roadside bombs.

3. General Electric supplied parts to Iran for a long time, long after Iran was on our list of bad guys. General Electric claims they no longer deal with Iran.

4. Our congress decided incandescent light bulbs made in Cleveland are bad. Fluorescent replacement bulbs made in Red China are good.

5. California doesn't allow incandescent bulbs anymore. This is not an intrusion on personal liberties, only good for our environment.

6. General Electric, since 2001, has gotten rid of 24,000 American workers.

7. General Electric now has 14,000 workers in Communist Red China.

8. President Obama recently appointed General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt as his chief economic advisor. You get to pay his salary.

Around and around we go.

On the bright side, I see in the news where this guy is going to work with the ailing Detroit automakers.

I didn't know Detroit still made cars. I thought only Toyota made cars in America.