Sunday, September 14, 2008

The World Wants Obama

The BBC has run a world poll about the American presidential election. At least they polled the countries they considered important.

The results: Only the USA doesn't overwhelmingly want Obama! Holy Shit!

"People outside the US would prefer Barack Obama to become US president ahead of John McCain, a BBC World Service poll suggests."

An American reading this lead-in header to that poll is admittedly tempted to say, "Really? Who gives a flying fuck?" and turn the page. But wait! Do you REALLY not care that 82% of Kenyans (Obama's father's home country) favor him to become U.S. President? Why isn't that important to you?

Most of you know that Relax Max, the author of this incredibly inane blog, would much prefer that neither candidate would become president. Surely the USA can do without a president for 8 years or more. Not only would you save over $3 million in salary, no wars that started during that timeframe would include American troops. And hardly any foreign country would be fucked with. Or given any money by the USA. Cool.


That isn't going to happen. One of these assholes is going to get elected.

And, if you let Kenya vote, McCain can kiss his white old ass goodbye, and Alaska's wild moose population can start pissing their pants again everytime they hear a helicopter. Or something like that.

I think that's the point of this BBC poll. Naw. It has no point.

Please also note, just in case you may have thought the poll had a tiny bit of relevance, that it was taken before either party's convention. Heh.



Angelika said...

The point of the poll was to let Americans understand that for the rest of the world to stop hating us and thinking that we're too arrogant/racist/backwoods and shit to nominate someone who isn't a rich old white guy, we'd have to elect Obama.

I, as an arrogant American, don't give a shit what the rest of the world thinks. I just don't want Sarah Palin to be president. Because, let's face it, McCain doesn't have much longer on this earth and I appreciate the option to abort my unborn fetuses, thank you very much.

Relax Max said...

Hi Angelika. It just sometimes gets to me that the rest of the world just assumes we live our lives trying to please them, that our fondest hope is to have them love us, and, worst of all, that they know best and are losing patience with their spoiled uncouth little wayward child (us). The fact is, they only care about how their own lives are affected. Rightly so, I suppose.

But there is no chance (honest - no chance at all, and you know this very well) that you will lose your right to choose, Palin or no Palin. Legislative branch is in charge of that, not Palin. Sometimes we assign much more importance to these high-profile candidates than they deserve. None of these candidates are likely to change your life or my life. At least none has ever done anything for me personally in my lifetime. And nothing AT ALL that they promise to do is possible without congress allowing it to happen. Empty talk, empty promises, I say.

(You make me feel so good when you comment. You are so FORCEFUL!) :) :)

Petra ~ said...

People are so afraid of Sarah Palin becoming president because she is so inexperienced but she is not so different from Obama... and one person does not a decision make. She can state to be against abortion but it takes more than just her vote to make it happen.

I am gonna place my vote with the candidate who will let me bear arms. Nothing else in the election matters.

ettarose said...

Max, you are right. The only thing others outside the United States cares about is if they will still be getting the handouts with the new pres. I don't think I will vote for either of them. Max for President!

Sheila said...

Significant proportions in several countries such as China, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, India and Egypt don't give a flying fuck. Frankly nor do I. You'd expect Kenya to favour Obama because of his relatives there. Why does it bother you? There were only three questions, who would you prefer to see as president, followed by two asking whether they thought international relations would improve with each candidate. They (BBC World Service) did a similar poll before the 2004 election, with a similar result. That didn't appear to have any effect on the American voting response, did it? It's merely an academic exercise of interest to some people who like statistics. Get some perspective.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well here is the two cents from an old southern conservative woman who is pro choice...

i love sarah myself. i think she is far and above the best of the lot of them. and you are right, she cannot change roe v. wade. the most they could do is appoint conservative judges to the supreme court.

i like this post...

smiles, bee

Relax Max said...

Hey Petra. Glad you made it back ok.

I'm with you 100%. Ummm...are you SURE Palin and Obama are the same??? Oh. You mean about not much experience. Well, Nixon had loads of experience. Experience is overrated. Or not.

And I LOVE your bare arms. And will fight for your right to bare them. Amen.

Ettarose, of course I am right. And that is EXACTLY the way to start out each of your comments. A textbook example of how to make a good comment. Max for president? That has a nice ring to it. Actually, didn't I do a post about me running for president not to long ago? But it was pretty filthy. Never mind.
Sheila, what the fuck, baby? This is an anti BBC post. We can't be having Brits making comments defending them. You know that.

Sigh. You're right. I was arrogant. There was no harm done. It was only a little poll.

And you know you are welcome here. I don't have to tell you that. K?

Empress Bee, is that really you? but you are so SERIOUS today!

And I like Sarah Palin, too. She's got spunk. She's perky. And she's not Little Joey Biden. What's not to like? I mean, if you aren't a moose, of course.

I'm glad you stopped by. :)