Sunday, September 7, 2008

Changes are in store.


Richard Catto said...

I notice that the BBC did not ask South Africans what they thought in their world poll about the US presidential race.

Obviously, that was a huge mistake.

Well, I'm still available via email for my expert opinion, should they wake up and smell the coffee. Silly buggers.

ettarose said...

Very funny

Joe Somebody said...

Now that's funny I don't care who you are.

fragileheart said...

LOL I like this caricature!

Relax Max said...

Richard: Not sure why. Odd. I mean, if it is meant to be a meaningless world poll, why not include the whole world? At least all the important countries. I'll bet Mr. Obama must be happy at the results, though.

If only they didn't allow Americans to vote, eh?



EttaRose: You can't hide forever. I will track you down.


Joe: Damn right its funny. I only steal from the very best blogs. :)


Frachileheart: Thanks. It took most of the night for me to draw it. Thank you for stopping by. :)