Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hanoi Hilton flashbacks

If president, this man would have the power to order a nuclear attack. How likely is he to love his enemies? Just how stable is this putz of the desert?

But, on the other hand, if Barrack Obama were president, he wouldn't fight back not matter WHAT THE HECK happened. The U.S. could be completely in flames from terrorist attacks, and Barry would want to hold a dialog with them.

Are these REALLY our choices?

Hold on to your ass America! The upcoming ride is going to be very painful!


This November, write in the name of RELAX MAX for president!

He's young enough.
He's white enough.
He's arrogant enough.
He's DEFINITELY dumb enough.

Be like Relax Max and just DO it!!!

"I may screw you, but I won't KILL you!!!"
—I'm Relax Max, and I approved this message.
"The world has many problems. Pussy is always the answer." —Relax Max


Petra said...

fuck you very much....

(that was a joke but I have a feeling I am the only one who gets it...):-)

Relax Max said...

Yeah, Petra, you get it.

And remember, if there ain't no virgins left, there ain't no incentive for no stinkin' martyrs, right?

Help someone nail a virgin today.

Richard Catto said...

I'd vote for Obama - he's prettier than McCain.

ettarose said...

Who would be your running mate? I hope they would be a good fucker.

Relax Max said...

Hi Richard. Doesn't matter - Max is prettier than both of them. I was about to make a rude comment about how pretty your two boys are over there, but I will be civil. You are such a respected publisher. At least I respect you.

I especially liked your piece entitled: "Why Jacob Zuma will be a good president of South Africa."

It is to barf. But what can you say, right? The prick has all the machine guns. At least he's not sucking Mugabe's cock. Who knows. He might appoint you to something.

Thanks for your comment. I'm flattered. By the way, I have CLEAN blogs, you know. Why do you never seem to show up THERE? So you think the Irish guy O'bama is going to win? Or you are just hot for his prettiness?

Be nice, Richard....


Ettarose - your sailor mouth is embarrassing me again. You know good and fucking well who my running mate is. You. Now bring me some of that Long Island ice tea or whatever that shit you drink is.

Canucklehead said...

Just a thought - I know President is out - but could a foriegner be VP? Say ... oh I don't know - a Canadian? Just a thought of course.

Relax Max said...

Canucklehead. You finally showed up, dude. I suspect you already know that a VP must be qualified to be president. No point in having him hanging around otherwise. But, hey, it's ok with me. Ettarose is already my running mate. But you could be my Secretary of State. Don't have to be born here for that, right? Just raise your right hand and repeat after me...

Oh, and you will have to move down here, and put up a different flag on your website.


Canucklehead? Where did he go?

Canucklehead said...

my cat's breath smells like cat food.