Thursday, October 2, 2008

Obama: Biden replaced with "someone more intelligent"

In a rather unusual turn of events, Presidential Annointed One Barrack Obama replaced running mate Little Joey Biden today with Uncle Fester.

The move was not totally unexpected, however, given Senator Biden's recent remarks telling California voters they could just "shove their support up their ass", and,"I ask you, who the hell needs California? Or New York for that matter? Fuck 'em all." The statement was made during the nationally televised VP debate Thursday night. The gaffe came after the VP debate moderator asked Biden to respond to the statement from a San Diego child that "Biden's hair looks funny."

Biden later attempted to retract his statement, saying at first that he was "only joking, for Christ's sake," and then later asserting that he had really meant to say Wyoming and South Dakota. Apparently Mr. Obama wasn't buying either story. Biden's debate opponent, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, simply shrugged her shoulders and offered, "What are you going to do? Biden is a cretin. Everyone knows that."

Uncle Fester, laid up with a broken leg from a recent meth lab explosion, was unavailable for comment at press time.

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