Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, Please! PLEASE let us stay in Iraq! We'll do ANYTHING!

I see in the news today that Iraq is close to approving a pact which will allow the U.S. to stay in Iraq through 2011. Apparently they will let us stay if we agree not to have troops in the cities. We will still be free to die outside the cities. So that's cool.

Question: why  are we (the U.S. Government in the person of George W. Bush) fighting so hard to get this "agreement" approved? If  they don't sign it, then we come home at the end of this year. What is so bad about that?

At the very least, we shouldn't take action until our new president takes office. He may have less interest in staying in Iraq at all. Just let the current one expire and stop fighting except in self defense for a few weeks. It is possible that in the short interim, the Iraqi government may decide it is a good idea for America to stay and let them stay alive for awhile. I don't think we should, though.

In my opinion, this has long since turned into another Vietnam. If even the Iraqi government has to have it's arm twisted to "let" us stay, then why stay? I think we just screwed up a perfect chance to come home and let them fight it out themselves. Plus we also had to agree to let Iraq try our troops in their courts. I don't like that because it is still a war zone where civilians are getting killed by accident every day.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i don't know. i guess i'm not smart enough to see this but i have been told the war will be here if not there. is this true? i don't know. i do know if i was from iraq i would want us there for a bit longer. but then i really only KNOW what i have been told...

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

You nailed part of this, it is becoming like Vietnam. Look back as history, when we left Vietnam 10's of thousands of the South Vietnamese people were killed, many more of them were imprisoned for over 10 years, and next door in Cambodia the deaths were in the millions. We could have stopped that. What will happen if we leave Iraq?

Relax Max said...

Good morning dear Bee. Hope you are both having a great time in Florida. Somehow I know you are. :)

Bee, the short answer is if we simply come home they WILL follow us, and therefore we need to transfer our troups to the tribal regions of Pakistan. Their cowardly leaders will then call their fighters home to protect them and we can continued killing our enemy on foreign soil rather than on our homeland.

But the real answer is much deeper than than that and, although it is beyond the scope of a little blog like this, I will address (discuss, I mean - I am not Sarge's teacher, heh) it in more detail to Sarge Charlie, though not in this satirical blog.

My best wishes are with you. I am so blessed to have come to know you a little. :)

Relax Max said...

Thank you for your comment Sarge Charlie, and for your continuing interest in this pathetic little blog.

No, I didn't nail part of it. I nailed ALL of it. Just incompletely, due to space and due to the nature of this blog.

First thing I need to remind you is that this is a political satire blog, not a serious forum for pressing world events. I know you realize that. As such, my job is to find ridiculous things politicians are doing to my country (it isn't hard to fine these things, btw) and make fun of them and hold them up to ridicule for being such foolish assholes.

The satire in this little post was not that we should leave Iraq and let thousands of people die, but that if we stay in Iraq it must be on our own terms because we owe that to our fighting men. To go out into the countryside, as is being required of us, is to let the enemy regroup and rebuild their cells in the cities, where they have always been, and leave the protection of the cities (and the prosecution of the war against the insurgents in the cities) to the Iraqi army.

Fuck that.

Too many Americans have already died taking those cities to lose them again.

The parody and satire of this post is that we are begging to stay in Iraq on any terms, and that we are handing over so much authority in the process that this is about to become a political nightmare. A political comedy if it were not for the fact that more Americans are about to be killed as a result of this decision.

I reiterate my reluctance to speak seriously to the issues on this satire blog which is primarily only a political cartoon in blog form, but your points, including Cambodia, need to be addressed in a more serious forum.

Accordingly, I will present my side of the story in essay form and publish on one of my other blogs, at which time I will give you an opportunity to refute my reasoning.

Too many good men died in Vietnam for us to not to have taken a lesson home with us about politicians and military tactics.

In a few days then, my friend. In the meantime, be safe and happy. Lord knows you've earned it. :) If you are on my country's side, I assure you we are on the SAME side.

ettarose said...

Max, Why should we bow down to a bunch of fucking terrorists. They are demanding? Really!