Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tax increase for the job-creators

I saw on the TV news today that the lame-duck-loaded congress is going to vote on continuing the Bush tax cuts for the low and middle income citizens, but not for the job-creators. That doesn't make sense. (I have stopped calling it "tax cuts for the wealthy" and started calling it "tax cuts for the job-creators.")

Ms Pelosi was saying that these people don't really create the jobs and never did. Said that when the tax cuts were passed, it didn't help and no jobs at all were created under that Bush plan.

Well, who the heck creates the non-government jobs in this country then? The poor? The middle class?

Is it really a good idea to take more money away from the job creators so they won't have money to hire more people? So they have to lay off some workers in order to pay their higher taxes? Seems like Obama would want to try and keep the unemployment figure under 10%. He and Pelosi are confusing me.

Seems a waste to do this vote since the Republicans will only reverse it in January anyway.


Sarge Charlie said...

hey nancy, chicken crap

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

go home nancy!

smiles, bee