Monday, January 12, 2009

Go East young man

More people left California than any other state last year, according to an AP news article today.

People are getting fed up with the cost of living, crime, gangs, many failing schools, clogged freeways, cost of housing, high taxes, and on and on and on.

There was only a net loss of 144,000 so nobody is going to notice the ones who bailed out and moved to other states. A few days of illegal immigration will more than cover any losses. But still, this might be a peek into the future.

The Golden State with about 38 million people has the world's eighth-largest economy (fifth if you count the European Union as a whole instead of counting individual countries.) But unemployment is now 8.4%, 100,000 jobs gone last year. There were about 236,000 home foreclosures and an erosion in home values of about a trillion dollars in 2008. These are not numbers we should sneeze at.

California can't wait for January 20, when all this bad news will be magically reversed.

Me? I say give Obama the whole week that he asked for.

Day one: give the order to get out of Iraq.

Week one: give the order to close Guantanamo.

That leaves plenty of time to make California a paradise on earth. Or at least to give the order.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i only give him three days. you can give him a week if you want to though. ha ha

smiles, bee

ettarose said...

It will certainly take more than a week. Who has the answers? No ONE person does. It will take the meeeting of minds to even begin and I know I will not see it in my life time.

Relax Max said...

@Empress Bee - Well, to his credit he has backed off his campaign promises that got him elected. He seems to have sobered up a bit since he has begun receiving the security and economic briefings that Bush has been working with all along.

@Ettarose - We are only joking about "one week" because that was Obama's campaign promise to the voters. Things he would do on day one and during week one. (Mostly a satire blog which mocks the foibles of politicians, remember?) Obviously he will not be able to fulfill such wild promises, but our hopes and prayers are still with him. We will not call him a liar for not fulfilling them, as Bush was called. Instead, we will give our new president the benefit of the doubt that his heart is in the right place. We will do this because we want desperately to see him succeed. Again, this honest support is unlike the rabid Bush haters of the past 8 years. And I hope you see MUCH positive change in your lifetime. Thank you Ettarose. Your point of view is appreciated by me more than you know.