Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old Perv Teddy Kennedy's Head Finally Explodes

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, D-Ma, was rushed to the hospital today after suffering a seizure on the Senate floor. The seizure appeared to be brought on by by Kennedy's sexual fantasies while staring at a young Senate intern. Here is the story in sequential photographs.

First we see Senator Kennedy staring with sexual fervor at the ass of the young lady as she was bending over to pick up some papers off the floor. Note the intense lustful interest in his gaze.

Next we see, immediately following, the snapping of his brain passages as he begins to experience the seizure.

Here is a picture os Thema Simpkins who claimed that the senator bit her finger as she tried to keep him from swallowing his tongue.

Finally, below is an artist's conception of the way the senator looked during the episode.


mitch said...

I was wondering when this would come up. I think it may have helped to have him gasp for air in an automobile as it slowly sinks to the bottom of the lake. It may have stopped the seizure.

Relax Max said...

Yes, Mitch. My interest in Teddy is about to "resurface" as well. This is only the opening barrage. There are many folks, believe it or not, who don't even know that he killed that poor girl.

They will before the month's out, I assure you! :)

mitch said...

Please tell everyone! I will never forget how they said she clawed at the roof of the car. Sick fucker. I hope he suffers.

Relax Max said...

Mitch-I doubt if I personally can make him suffer, but I will spread some light. Not just on Teddy, but on the raping kennedys, and the other girl-killing Kennedy. And more.

Grumpus. said...

He called her name several times before heading on to his hotel and hitting the hay. Guy tried!

But seriously...why oh why is it so easy to picture this big fat fucker sleeping like a baby that night and every night since?